On the opening evening, three artists will be guests at Szene 10 in Essen. The Krakow-based musician Martyna Basta focuses on live electronics, modulated voice, guitar and field recordings in her work. The classically trained guitarist is inspired by natural phenomena and hallucinatory, dreamlike memories, which are reflected in her wonderful ambient compositions.

Lau Nau from Finland builds on this with her performance and interweaves shimmering synthesizer sounds with sounds from the underwater world.

As the live coding collective “Codie”, Kate Sicchio and Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo combine image and sound to create a show in which freely improvised algorithms and codes determine form and rhythm, thereby constantly evolving.

© Eckart Waage


Girardetstraße 10
45131 Essen


20:00 Martyna Basta
“Diaries Beneath Fragile Glass”

20:45 Lau Nau

21:30 Codie
“Beeps and Boops”

Advance booking: 15,- /reduced 10,-
Box office: 17,- /reduced 12,-