This festival evening begins in the Raum-Cafe, where Peter Hesse will show his highly acclaimed film “Die Stille überlebt” about the NRW noise scene. Powell, artist, musician and producer, is influenced in his work by systems theory, mathematics and Deleuzian thinking. With “Powell plays a folder” [aƒ] he has created an audio-film platform that is both archive and distribution, but also functions as a live performance. Together with Marte Eknaes and Michael Amstad, Powell unites different creative streams at Saalbau: electronic composition, film and image-making, as well as real-time processing systems and spatial multiplication.

The Japanese-French artist Tujiko Noriko impressively interweaves synthetic music with human presence, as can be heard in her latest work “Crépuscule”. Her collaboration with filmmaker Joji Koyama creates a hypnotic, audiovisual experience that captures the moods and themes of her albums and transforms them into captivating images and sounds.

Lachlan Turczan is an American artist who works with water, light and sound to create immersive experiences and kinetic sculptures. He presents “Wavering” – a water and light installation that visualizes sounds in real time. The audience is invited to interact with the installation and create their own light waves.

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© Clemens Müller


Wiesenstraße 25
58452 Witten

18:00 Peter Hesse
„Die Stille überlebt (Film)“

Admission free


Bergerstraße 25
58452 Witten

20:00 Powell
„Powell plays a ƒolder“

20:45 Tujiko Noriko/Joji Koyama

21:30 Lachlan Turczan

Advance booking: 15,- /reduced 10,-
Box office: 17,- /reduced 12,-