Exciting sound experiments between synthesis and noise await us on 01.06. at Tresor.West in Dortmund. On this evening, the festival will be part of “ExtraSchicht – the night of industrial culture” for the first time.

The media artist and sound designer Fausto Mercier produces electronic music that is characterized by digital hardcore culture and experimental electronics. As a multidisciplinary artist, he also fascinates on a visual level, which will also be part of his show. Deconstructed club music, with a dedication to sculptural sounds, meets an admiration for soundscapes of nature with a fractal character.

Jia Liu is a musician from the field of algorithmic composition. She works in programming environments such as “SuperCollider”, developing autonomous systems that operate with sine oscillators and various types of sound synthesis, among other things. In her live coding performance “Vinculum”, Jia Liu changes the topological structures of the overall system and the temporal function of these agents.

Markus Mehr, sound artist and field recordist, awaits us with his live performance “TRANS” and plays with the idea of movement, change and overcoming. Although the departure for something new always means saying goodbye to the tried and tested, the minimal and ambient productions do not sink into melancholy.

After the performances, the Tresor.West DJs will take you into the long club night.

© Sebastian Campos


44263 Dortmund

As part of the „ExtraSchicht“

20:00 Fausto Mercier

20:45 Jia Liu

21:30 Markus Mehr

Advance booking: 15,- /reduced 10,-
Box office: 17,- /reduced 12,-