At the beginning of the evening, the results of the workshop “Creative exploration: co-creation in the digital era” led by Sarah Belle Reid will be presented at the Grillo/ADA in Essen. Together with participants from various artistic disciplines, the composer and performer explored questions of creative collaboration in the age of artificial intelligence. For three days, they explored innovative compositional approaches and new forms of artistic expression together. Together, they considered how their own ideas can be realized in a technologically driven world in which concerns about the loss of critical processes are growing ever stronger.

As a composer and violinist, Anna Maria Olsson discovers the niches of electro-acoustic improvisation. With “Circles” she refers to the cycles of our existence – water, phases of the moon and human life cycles. Using compositional techniques in the style of minimal music, “Circles” is a reflection on the cyclical nature of our universe.

Sarah Belle Reid’s own work explores processes of temporal perception and memory: tiny moments that seem to last indefinitely; precious encounters that vanish; forgotten rituals; expansive afternoons; astonishingly short lifetimes. Using experimental trumpet techniques and electronics, she musically explores the manipulation of moments in time through the use of feedback and loops.

Japanese musician and sound designer Yosi Horikawa focuses his music on field recordings of nature. Horikawa grew up in Osaka and began making music with everyday objects at a young age. He went on to study architecture and acoustics in Tokyo and later released several EPs and albums. His productions reflect the hidden musicality of everyday sounds in a unique and powerful way.

© Bernadette Grimmenstein


Theaterplatz 11
45127 Essen

19:00 Workshop-Performance
„Creative exploration: co-creation in the digital era“

20:00 Anna Maria Olsson

20:45 Sarah Belle Reid

21:30 Yosi Horikawa

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