Karl-Heinz Mauermann, conceptual artist and musician, welcomes us this evening to his installation “Please hold the Line”, which will be set in motion live and then left to its own devices. His works deal with machines, automatons, storytelling and seeing.

Elisabeth Schimana’s live electronic solo piece “Sternenstaub” is conceived for a multi-channel loudspeaker system. The composition uses sound events ranging from sine waves and noise to pulsation and granular synthesis, which correspond to the processes of creation in the universe. In her artistic work, Schimana has been exploring the relationship between space, body and electronics for many years.

Influenced by styles such as IDM and breakcore, Yaporigami’s work plays with dualisms such as good and evil, reason and madness or blessing and curse. In swirling movements between such contradictory poles, he explores new creations of music, managing to bring a chaotic yet aesthetic flood of information to the venue.

Norwegian composer and performer Maja S.K. Ratkje has been active in the noise scene since the late 1990s, experimenting mainly with her own voice and a constantly changing arsenal of electronic instruments. In her solo performance, she also processes her voice with specially developed software and samples it in real time.

© Sebastian Campos


Sunderweg 1
44147 Dortmund

19:30 Karl-Heinz Mauermann
„Please Hold The Line“

20:00 Elisabeth Schimana

20:45 Yaporigami
„Yaporigami + 11v151131_m06“

21:30 Maja S. K. Ratkje

Advance booking: 15,- /reduced 10,-
Box office: 17,- /reduced 12,-