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Music Aperitif © Karl-Heinz Blomann

Blaues Rauschen 2024

BLAUES RAUSCHEN will celebrate its sixth anniversary in 2024 and during this time it has developed into a renowned festival for electronic music and media in Europe. Under the artistic direction of Karl-Heinz Blomann, the festival continues to explore the interface between the digital and analog worlds and is dedicated to the artistic exploration and interpretation of boundaries and conventions. The live format offers visitors a unique platform to experience abstract art in a sensual way and encourages them to critically examine different aesthetic ideas.
Opening minds through art
By selecting various artistic forms of expression such as “synthetic sounds, live coding, glitch, field recording, classical acoustic instruments, audiovisual performances and installations”, BLAUES RAUSCHEN enriches the cultural aura of the Ruhr area and impressively shows the fusions and frictions between the digital and the analogue. With venues in Essen, Herne, Bochum, Dortmund (as part of “ExtraSchicht –the Night of the Industrial Culture”), Gelsenkirchen and, for the first time, Witten, the festival offers a diverse program and invites you to explore and experience the electronic art scene and its unique local venues in the region.

blaues rauschen


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Video © Dominik Riemer | Music Shaping © Karl-Heinz Blomann