This year’s Blaues Rauschen workshop offers artists, coders, dancers and musicians the opportunity to explore the possibilities of co-creation, open innovation and community-generated content. The focus is on self-confident machines, analog and digital synthesizers, and current social discourses. Under the direction of Sarah Belle Reid, a 20-minute performance will be developed over the course of three days.

Advances in artificial intelligence and robotics have led to autonomous systems being able to make decisions on their own. While this can improve efficiency and comfort, there are also concerns that humans could lose control over critical processes.

The workshop will therefore focus on the following questions:

  1. How much freedom is left for our own creative ideas in a world dominated by technology?
  2. How can we accept the momentum and unforeseen output of technical tools and integrate them into our creative work?

The workshop offers the opportunity to explore innovative approaches and discover new ways of artistic expression together.

Participants will delve into the realm of collaborative composition and make use of the unpredictable reactions of sound tools. Modular synthesizers and radical circuits, sound plug-ins and algorithms gone wild, bizarre glitch and harmonic noise can merge into an innovative performance. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained valuable insight into the possibilities of co-creating compositions using technological tools, as well as practical experience in integrating unpredictable machine responses into their creative process. Sarah Belle Reid will demonstrate and share some of her skills and experiences with electronics, algorithms and musical expression.

Equipment: Sound system, stage lighting, projector, screen, microphones

Participants can bring their own equipment if required.

Who can apply:

– Musicians/composers
– Coders
– Dancers
– Video artists

About the artist:
Sarah Belle Reid is a performer and composer playing trumpet, modular synthesizers and handmade electronic instruments. She explores the intersections between contemporary classical music, experimental and interactive electronics, visual art, noise music and improvisation. Reid holds a doctorate in musicology from the California Institute of the Arts. Her research focuses on the development of new electronic instruments and musical notation systems as interfaces for the exploration of temporal perception and co-creation. She also teaches online courses for professional and amateur musicians in sound synthesis and electroacoustic composition.

JUNE 06-08

Theaterplatz 11
45127 Essen

blaues rauschen