In her live performances, the Vienna-based Italian sound artist Isabella Forciniti explores a spectrum ranging from carefully crafted arrangements to spontaneous improvisations. Captivating rhythms mingle with haunting and fascinating psychoacoustic phenomena.

British composer and beekeeper Bioni Samp creates symbiotic frequency relationships between humans and bees in “Hive Synthesis”. Using binaural recordings and the sounds of a synthesizer made from recycled components, he creates tracks at the interface of ambient, experimental, noise and techno. An audio trip into the interior of a beehive.

Janek Schaefer, artist, composer and entertainer, works musically as well as in installations and multi-media. His current work LOVE HERTZ, which he is presenting as an AV show, deals thematically with the processing of personal strokes of fate, such as the loss of a long-standing love. The music was created using various organs, including an Indian shruti box and found footage, such as the vibrations of a ship crossing the ocean, which underpins the work’s journey that leads endlessly into nothingness.

© Etta Gerdes


Bochumer Straße 138
45886 Gelsenkirchen

20:00 Isabella Forciniti

20:45 Bioni Samp
„Hive Synthesis“

21:30 Janek Schaefer

Advance booking: 15,- /reduced 10,-
Box office: 17,- /reduced 12,-