forest and sound


Drought, fires, silence, trees, resources, climate, sound, animals, wood, wildlife, nature, atmosphere… explore the forest with your ears. Gather aesthetic experiences. Develop a collage from the sounds. Music, noise, language:
BLAUES RAUSCHEN takes us on a special expedition.

For the 2021 festival, Karl-Heinz Blomann has invited international artists to compose ten audio pieces from the fields of ars acustica, sound art and sound collages, each 5 minutes long, on the theme of “forest”.

Each work is also illustrated by a specially created photograph. Ten subjective perspectives in image and sound.

Projekt aus 2021 macht dieses Jahr Station in Dortmund!

Projekt aus 2021 macht dieses Jahr Station in Essen!

MON // JUNE 03 // 20:00
Rübezahlstraße 33
45134 Essen

Admission by donation

Photo © Karl-Heinz Blomann


Foto © Karl-Heinz Blomann