Anne Lèpere

Journey and foray into erosion time. What are telling the stones hiding in the deep forest? What are the memories sedimented in the mineral, protected by the moss with its shimmering greens? With each breath we feel a little more the fresh air of the mist among the trees caress our lungs… what will be the exchange? What can we offer that is not destruction?

42°12’57.2″N 8°24’42.9″W  |  42°14’40.2″N 8°25’42.2″W  |  Mondariz, Province Pontevedra, Spain


© Anne Lepère

anne lepere

© Anne Lepère


Field recordings, radio drama, experimental music – Brussel-based Anne Lepère explores the relationships between various strains of sound design. From the intimacy of single voices to creating larger frames and even long radio drama, her work has not only been broadcasted on Radio and during events all over Europe and beyond but awarded by Ars Acustica and Sound Art prizes. She is now working more and more on stage with sounds live performance or installation and creates the sound design and the music for several choreographic and theatre pieces.