Jon Rose

The Lyrebird is genetically the oldest species of bird on the planet and is the mimic expert par excellence… very likely telling us something about the origins of music itself. However many birds in Australia perform mimicry, and the reason for this extraordinary ability is still not understood. Mimicry is clearly not part of the normal song cycle, nor is it significant in attracting mates or defending territory, it often happens quietly like a kind of day dream. This short radiophonic piece reveals some of the mimicry abilities of the Western Bowerbird found in central Australia where Jon Rose lives.

23°40’15.1″S 133°57’17.1″E  |  Alice Springs, Australia


© Jon Rose

jon rose

© Jon Rose


For over 45 years Australian violinist, composer, inventor, multi-media artist, and writer Jon Rose has been at the sharp end of experimental music and art on the global stage. His primary life’s work is The Relative Violin, the innovation of a total artform based around the one instrument. His violin (Rosenberg) Museum contains over 1,000 artefacts, a provocative cultural critique, and has been exhibited in Berlin (x3), Paris, Rotterdam, Vienna, Nove Zamky, Budapest, Krakow, Brno, and the Slovakian town actually called Violin (x3).