Forest. Its stationary presence is to be found in the stories and legends of many ancient cultures. It can be featured with qualities as strong, flexible, shedding it’s old layers off, supportive for others, beside giving us oxygen, remedies and home for many life forms. Its sounds, the sound of this presence is organic, pulsating life. During my sound piece I inserted the sound of this life to my analogue synthesizer system while certain parts were digitally formed further to open a new passage of the realm of sounds and vision, to let the possibilities grow, change and unfold on their common way. Listen.

47°10’37.1″N 17°32’09.6″E | Magyarpolány, Hungary


© Swanasa


© Swanasa


Alexandra Abigél Bánházi – the artist swanasa (or Asa Swan) from Budapest works under her official name in everyday healthcare. Her artistic practice encompasses all aspects of sound art, using both analog and digital techniques and every possible hybrid form. For her diploma in Electronic Music and Media Art at the University of Pécs, the trained sound engineer integrated the sounds of a forest into her digital and modular system in order to create something common and new. As swanasa, she recently released tracks on the Telekom Electronic Beats and Selected Sounds and Exiles labels. With her live project Asas (with Sebastian Sas), under her moniker swanasa as well as under her real name, works have been released on the Dióbél label.