Karl-Heinz Blomann

In the southern Alps, the tree line is around 2050meters – the top of the forest. Here, on the border between the forest and the alpine meadows, only a few spruces, forest pines and larches are able to grow and sustain. The tree line also marks the boundaries of life forms and it is particularly sensitive to climatic changes.

Step by step up steeply into an unknown world. Breath and legs become heavy.
The air is getting thin, the sky is getting wider.
In the distance the sounds of civilization.
The auditory atmosphere changes, the sound space opens up.
This mountain idyll in the world of transformation is sound.
The sheep graze at 2500 meters.

46°27’40.9″N 8°12’05.8″E  |  Hanspill, Goms, Switzerland


© Karl-Heinz Blomann

karl-heinz blomann

© Antje Christ


lives in Essen and Berlin. Musician, composer and producer for new, experimental and film music. 1983 founding of the music publisher/record label “AufRuhr Records”. Publications with different artists. Tours with “PÖHL MUSIK” through South America, Europe, Next Wave Festival New York 1989. Numerous sound-art and radio play productions, theater and film music. DGB culture award for “Klangskulpturen”. Works in different contexts with constantly new concepts on topics such as “art and technology”, “man and machine” and “urban soundscapes”.