Blaues Rauschen 2023

BLAUES RAUSCHEN festival explores the relationship between the digital and the analog world, and the shifting of boundaries and conventions through artistic means. The live format of the festival provides a platform for audiences to experience abstract art in a sensual way, and encourages them to engage with the performances in a critical and open manner. The festival contributes to the cultural richness of the Ruhr region and its program selection showcases various artistic expressions that highlight the fusions and frictions between the digital and the analog.

BLAUES RAUSCHEN takes place in several venues in Essen, Herne, Bochum, Dortmund, and Gelsenkirchen, and is directed by Karl-Heinz Blomann. (written with a little help from ChatGPT).

Das Programm

Di. 06.06.23


19:00 – 22:00 | Cycle and Recycle
Soundart-Produktionen von 10 int. Künstler*innen + Fotoausstellung Paul Bulteel (Forum Kunst & Architektur)

22:00 | DJ außen
DJ-Performance (Forum Kunst & Architektur Außengelände)

Fr. 09.06.23


20:00 | Louretta
Live-Performance (Rabbit Hole Theater)

21:00 | Tomoko Sauvage
Waterbowls (GNMR)

22:00 | Loufr
Isolated Point (Rabbit Hole Theater)

Sa. 10.06.23


20:30 | Lynn Hershman Leeson
Logic Paralyzes the Heart (Tresor.West)

21:00 | Moon Ribas
Waiting for Earthquakes (Tresor.West)

22:00 | Ji Young Kang
Live-Performance (Tresor.West)

23:00 | Elena Colombi
DJ-Set (Tresor.West)

Di. 13.06.23


20:00 | Antye Greie-Ripatti
Live-Performance (Hier ist nicht da)

21:00 | Sarah Rothberg + Yotam Mann
Searching for Answers in All the Wrong Places (Hier ist nicht da)

Mi. 14.06.23


16:30 | Antye Greie-Ripatti + Pedro Oliveira
“Situated Sound-Knowledge” Lecture & Talk (Atelier Automatique)

20:00 | Pedro Oliveira
Desmonte (Schlegel-Keller)

21:00 | Dylan Henner
The Invention of Human (Schlegel-Keller)

22:00 | Su Dance 110
Live-Performance (Schlegel-Keller)

Do. 15.06.23


20:00 | Maria Balabas, Alex Arpeggio, Elisaveta Petcheniouk
Live-Performance (Alter Wartesaal)

21:00 | Bernhard Rasinger
Laser live AV Performance (Alter Wartesaal)

22:00 | Chagall
Unlocked (Alter Wartesaal)

Fr. 16.06.23


19:00 | Wald und Klang
Soundart-Produktionen von 10 int. Künstler*innen (Künstlerhaus / Mex-Keller)

20:00 | Jacq Noise
Live-Performance mit Modular-Synthies (Künstlerhaus / Mex-Keller)

21:00 | Dorit Chrysler
Live-Performance (Künstlerhaus / Mex-Keller)

22:00 | Katharina Klement
Réservoir (Künstlerhaus / Mex-Keller)

Sa. 17.06.23


18:30 | Open Sound Hacklab
Ein offenes Labor für Live-Performance mit Bewegung, Musik und visuellen Elementen. (Aula Folkwang Musikschule)

20:00 | Jonas Bers
Live-Performance (Aula Folkwang Musikschule)

21:00 | Okkyung Lee
Live-Performance (Aula Folkwang Musikschule)

22:00 | Alessandro Cortini
Live-Performance (Aula Folkwang Musikschule)

Fr. 23.06.23


Ab 16:30 | Finissage Cycle and Recycle
(Forum Kunst & Architektur)

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