radical transducers

open sound performance

The first Open Sound Performance Hacklab at the BLAUES RAUSCHEN festival.
From September 28th until 30th in Essen.

The participants work together in a collaborative environment and explore and develop new ideas around sound and performance.

Radical transducers: open sound hacklab performance
Idea and direction: Peter Kirn*

How can we come together with our own unique voices and skills into more intimate play in a relational connectedness? How can we use digital technology in a more ecological approach and use and reuse what we have more efficiently? How can we explore how gesture and movement, vibration, imagery, light and shadow, and musical material can be translated, transformed and mixed?

Transformation to digital media and the use of digital signals is often criticized for its potential loss of data and transmission errors – especially when introducing complex forms such as the body. Rather than seeing this as a mistake, we invite you to explore the transformative powers of transformation. To confront them, even in their messy forms.

BLAUES RAUSCHEN called on interested parties from various disciplines to take part in an open, collaborative hacklab led by Peter Kirn:
Musicians, vocalists, DJs, dancers and performance artists, visual artists, visualists, VJs, hackers, programmers, engineers…
…who want to use their individual knowledge and approaches in comparison with like-minded people to explore experimental performative moments. The results will be published on September 30th presented to the festival audience in a joint performance in the Gitter Raum in Essen.

Location: Gitter Raum, Viehofer Platz 17-18, 45127 Essen

PETER KIRN is a composer and media artist, with releases on Detroit Underground, Industrial Complexx, Wunderblock Records, Kotä Records, TRAPEZ, and his own Establishment. His site CDM.link has been a daily source for many looking to the bleeding edge of electronic music and mixed media technology, culture, and technological politics. He is also co-creator of the MeeBlip hardware synthesizer line, is a sought-after adviser and communicator in new technologies, and has worked on collaborative laboratories and talks with TED, European Space Agency, Sonar+D, MUTEK, and others. His MusicMakers Hacklab with CTM Festival has evolved into a wild alternative performance laboratory since its debut in 2013. He has made music for kinky parties and grimy underground club events, raunchy noise music, and passionate and ever-changing experimental expression, rooted in training in composition in New York with his teacher Tania Leon.