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Episode 16: Changes and challenges

Episode 15: Promoting culture – three perspectives

Episode 14: Festival News 2022

Episode 13: Sound/Studies

Episode 12: Balács Kovács and Enrique Tomás

Episode 11: Excited Silence

Episode 10: Julia Eckhardt and Rikkert Brok with Karl-Heinz Blomann

Episode 09: Claudia Robles-Angel and Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling

Episode 08: trio culturale

Episode 07: Kai Shanghai and Dimitri Hegemann

Episode 06: Dirk Dresselhaus, Freya Hattenberger and Peter Simon

Episode 05: eventmediagroup

Episode 04: In own matter

Episode 03: Kai Niggemann

Episode 02: Daniela Petry

Episode 01: BBB_