saturday | october 2nd, 2021


44263 DOrtmund


We close our eyes or turn our head in another direction in order to consciously avoid seeing things. In this way we protect ourselves from unwanted sights, from cruelty, from disillusion. This is impossible with our ears – we cannot “not hear”. On this evening, three artists will try to put the permeability of our mental membrane to the test. Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling, the Swiss Bit-Tuner takes us into a world of doubt and irritation, experienced as a film with an appropriate soundtrack. He crosses various genres from music, dance and the performing arts to construct a tonal cosmos with modular synthesiser sounds. And Pan Daijing confronts us with dark dronings and stumbling patterns, diffusing them into our senses with the unease of a dystopian vision.

* Attention! There is currently no regular club operation in Tresor.West in Dortmund. It is currently only open for individual special events, such as our event on October 2nd, 2021 as part of BLAUES RAUSCHEN.
Tresor.West thus specifically supports creative impulses for the regional cultural scene and night culture.
Tickets for this event are only available online in advance at – the box office in Tresor.West will be closed on this day.