Dear guests, dear audience,

I am very pleased that Gelsenkirchen is once again one of the host cities for this year‘s BLAUES RAUSCHEN festival, offering a platform for experimentation and interaction. Exploring new interfaces between digital and analog space again and again and exploiting opportunities to bring this to the audience in the form of high-quality events is one of the strengths of this festival. The Kreativquartier Ückendorf offers an optimal venue for this in HIERISTNICHTDA.

Five cities in the Ruhr region are participating in BLAUES RAUSCHEN in 2023 – a good sign for the future of this festival and its innovative format. I wish the festival much success, many curious visitors* and a good and inspiring time!

Anne Heselhaus

Board of Directors for Culture, Education, Youth, Sports and Integration of the City of Gelsenkirchen

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