Dear visitors of the festival BLAUES RAUSCHEN,

“Looking forward: out of the crisis – into the future.” This title of a recent seminar offered in Dortmund for cultural workers who want to use their personal and artistic resources for future-oriented developments and innovative processes could also stand as a description of the motivation of the people behind the festival BLAUES RAUSCHEN and its numerous artists* and projects.

Experimental music, performance, video art – here analog meets digital in several genres, the two technical forms of existence go parallel ways, rub up against each other, merge or alternate.
During the spreading phases of the pandemic, we got to know and appreciate digitality as a bridging technology in culture as well, online art and streaming were not only perceived as substitutes.
But the technical and artistic possibilities also and especially unfold their innovative and immersive power in connection with live experiences, with active artists in front of an audience.

BLAUES RAUSCHEN wants to explore these options and now, for the fifth time, take an interested audience on an experiential trip of different performance and media formats.
As in the neighboring festival cities, the venues are characterized by their proximity to the scene and flexibility in dealing with their own programming and spatial conditions.
In the Künstlerhaus, for example, gallery spaces become concert stages, while in Tresor.West the dance floor is transformed into a performance and video space.

This is also where two focal points of cultural work in Dortmund merge: digitality and night culture. As important factors in cultural, social and, last but not least, economic terms, they contribute to the future direction of our region.

We wish all visitors to the festival stimulating and entertaining experiences with the different artistic glimpses into the future offered by the ambitious program here in Dortmund as well as in Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Bochum and Herne.

Jörg Stüdemann

City Director and Deputy for Finances, Real Estate and Culture of the City of Dortmund

© Stadt Dortmund