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"New Work Live"

"New Work Live"

Started singing and performing since childhood, su dance110 incorporate their diverse cultural and education experiences in their artistic creation. Their music is multidimensional, oscillating among the extremities of contemplative, explosive, poetic, soulful and wild, with a touch of narrative characteristic. Melding influences from noise, classical, tribal, trance and experimental music, they seek intense colors in the deep dark. The compositions of su dance110 infuse rigorous structures with free experimentation, using nonstandard music notation, live instrumentation, movement and voice as vehicles.


su dance110, the musical pseudonym of Dan Su, born in Kunming China, lives in Berlin and is a transdisciplinary artist, composer, musician and choreographer. With a background in dance and performance art, su dance110’s music expands auditory hallucinations into distinct performative experiences. They released a collaboration LP “Pe-13.or0” (2022) and a multimedia solo album “Game0:110” (2021). In addition to their recording projects, su dance110 composed, produced and performed many works internationally, including for dance, theater and film in various formats such as staging, site-specific, installation, conceptual improvisation and performance intervention. They are currently working on their upcoming solo album.

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Wednesday | 14/06/23 | 21:30
Schlegel Kultur Club Bochum