Kelly Jayne Jones

Rubble, rubble, sedimentary concoction of trouble in a cauldron of muddles, more is more struggle

rubble, rubble, sedimentary concoction of trouble in a cauldron of muddles, more is more struggle

This composition uses rubble, left over bits of rock found at quarry sites across Lancashire, Lake District and Scotland. These privately owned sites are sites of exploitation of the body of the planet. The organic rich sedimentary layers are made up of the bodies of long dead animals and plants creating limestones, marbles, and coal. Humans are creating the next geology of the planet; our lifestyle and values embodied in the materials we use and re-use. These are our gifts to the future by form of new strata made up of many extracted elements reformed, transformed into plastics – from oil – wooden bodies – taken from trees – metals – smelted in parent rock; human imagination morphs the Earth into new technological forms, thirsty for progress and speed. Gaia, the Mother Goddess, eternal clays. This piece is an animation of the rock voices, of coded complexity, across deep time imagining a dialogue with the perplexed few who may testament the human depositions in a billion years time.”

53°27’07.6″N 2°11’41.1″W | 700 Stockport Road, GB-Manchester M12

© Kelly Jayne Jones

Kelly Jayne Jones

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Kelly Jayne Jones is a Manchester based artist who combines performance, installation and sound in her work. She began with experimental noise music and has expanded her practice to include sound installations, dance, gesture, sound drawings, stone sculpture, and film scores. She creates multi-sensory experiences that enable communication and exchange and explore contemporary zones. Her work explores animistic ideas around the breath and spirit of mountains and rivers and connecting with our planet through ancient and modern rituals. She is interested in presence and performance as a site of transformation, both interpersonal and communal. She has collaborated with numerous other artists and performed throughout Europe. Her works have been shown and performed at various projects and exhibitions such as documenta 13 and the Venice Biennale. She is a laureate of the Oram Award 2022