Karl-Heinz Blomann

lives in Essen and Berlin. Musician, composer and producer for new, experimental and film music. 1983 Foundation of music publishing house “AufRuhr Records”. Releases with various artists. Tours with “PÖHL MUSIK” through South America, Europe, Next Wave Festival New York 1989. Numerous sound art and radio play productions, theater and film music. DGB Culture Prize for “Sound Sculptures”. Works in various contexts with ever new concepts on themes such as “art and technology”, “man and machine” and “urban sound spaces”.
Artistic director of „festival open systems“ from 1997 to 2007.
Projects (selection): CD “Klangräume” 1991, “Mécanique Mon Amour” 1993, book „Hören – Eine vernachlässigte Kunst“ with CD „Vom Aufstand des Ohrs“ 1996, CD-ROM „Aspects of Law and Order“ 1997. World premiere „Chase“ 2000.
Numerous film scores for ZDF, arte, WDR etc..
Productions: “ohne worte” WDR 3 Studio Akustische Kunst. “gone-urban flashback” 2003, “headlines” 2004, “>>salon moz::ART<<” 2004, “Two Soldiers” 2004, “Der Dritte Hammerschlag” WDR 3 Studio Akustische Kunst 2006.
Project „upgrade“ 2006, 2008 and 2010. Development of the media archive EMSCHERplayer 2005-2014. Project „FlussKlang:RiverSound“ 2008 and 2010. „Reflect Your Future“ WDR 3 Studio Akustische Kunst 2018. Project „Wald und Klang“ 2021. Project „cycle and recycle“ 2023.
Artistic Director festival Blaues Rauschen 2017 to 2024.

karl-heinz blomann

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