In Memoriam: Friedhelm Hartmann

Freed was born on 24.4.1963 to his parents Rosemary and Johannes Hartmann in communist East Germany and from a young age the most important thing in his life was – freedom. Freedom of thought, freedom of choice, freedom of creation.
At a young age he began to write stories and songs and create music. In elementary school he started playing the piano and wrote music all the time. This was his life, from its beginning to its sudden end.
His musical education was extremely rich:
Between the years 1979-1986 he studied composition at the Academy of Music in Dresden
Between 1986-1988 he was a master’s student at the Academy of Arts in Berlin
And between the years 1989-1993 he studied algorithmic composition at the Institute for Computer Music and Electoral Media at the University of the Arts in the city of Essen.
During this period he was also an active member of the organization of the German Society for Electroacoustic Music.
Freed created innovative music from his heart and soul with absolute dedication, and was probably ahead of his time. He aspired to create a new language in music that has not yet received recognition from the world.
In 1986 Freed fled East Germany for the sake of freedom.
Between the years 1993-1995, Freed studied semiology of music with Prof. Yitzhak Sadai at Tel Aviv University as a student exchange student scholarship holder of the German Academy.
In 1996 Freed moved to Israel where he got married and started a family.
Freed loved the sea and built his home on the Mediterranean coast south of Tel Aviv where he also met his tragic death on 1.2.23.

Written by Rika Refaeli, Partner

“We also have always regarded the friendship and the artistic and intellectual exchange with Freed very enriching.“

Heinz-Josef Florian, Karl-Heinz Blomann and the team of BLAUES RAUSCHEN

In Memoriam: Friedhelm Hartmann

© Etta Gerdes

Friedhelm Hartmann at the Festival Blaues Rauschen 2022