Blaues Rauschen 2023

BLAUES RAUSCHEN festival explores the relationship between the digital and the analog world, and the shifting of boundaries and conventions through artistic means. The live format of the festival provides a platform for audiences to experience abstract art in a sensual way, and encourages them to engage with the performances in a critical and open manner. The festival contributes to the cultural richness of the Ruhr region and its program selection showcases various artistic expressions that highlight the fusions and frictions between the digital and the analog. BLAUES RAUSCHEN takes place in several venues in Essen, Herne, Bochum, Dortmund, and Gelsenkirchen, and is directed by Karl-Heinz Blomann (written with a little help from ChatGPT).

A story about analog und digital.

Once upon a time, there were two best friends named Analog and Digital. They lived in a world where everything was either analog or digital. Analog was old-fashioned and loved doing things the traditional way, while Digital was always up-to-date with the latest technology.

Analog was a bit jealous of Digital’s popularity and the ease with which he could accomplish tasks. Digital, on the other hand, envied Analog’s ability to connect with people and appreciate the beauty in life’s simple pleasures.

One day, they both found themselves in a dilemma. A village was facing a severe drought, and the only way to bring water to the village was to turn a giant wheel that operated a pump. The wheel was analog, but the pump was digital and needed a steady stream of electricity to run.

Analog tried turning the wheel, but he was too weak, and the wheel wouldn’t budge. Digital tried using his technology to generate electricity, but the battery died quickly. They both felt hopeless and thought that the village was doomed.

That was when they had an idea. They joined forces, with Analog turning the wheel and Digital providing the electricity. They worked together, with Analog’s strength and Digital’s technology, to bring water to the village. The villagers cheered and celebrated, and Analog and Digital realized the value of their friendship.

From that day on, they learned that by combining their strengths, they could achieve great things. They no longer saw each other as competitors but as partners, complementing each other’s weaknesses and celebrating each other’s strengths. And they lived happily ever after, spreading the message of unity and cooperation to the world.

The end.

Karl-Heinz Blomann >>
artistic director

(written with more than a little help from Chat GPT)