angelo repetto

into the unknown

Angelo Repetto recently wrote that the pandemic had taught him to rave all alone with himself. Whether this is happy or sad remains to be seen, because the snippets we heard in Insta-stories made us want more. So we are pleased to be able to experience Angelo again for a little longer than the obligatory 15-second social media attention span. Whether with glittering white bass guitar in piano lacquer look or machine sets full of fickleness and volatility: Blaues Rauschen 2022 invites you on an Angelo Repetto journey. His unpredictable sound aesthetic has its roots in wave, acid and krautrock and forms the foundation of his live performances. Together with his machines, he takes the audience on a journey into the unknown galaxies of psychedelic music – Into the unknown!


Angelo Repetto’s father Marco Repetto was co-founder and drummer of the dark wave pioneers of Grauzone (Eisbär), who rode along on the Neue Deutsche Welle wave from 1980. Although Angelo Repetto was surrounded by his father’s synthesizers as a young boy, he did not discover the potential of the flashing apparatus for himself until 30 years later. Roboto is the musical expression of this relationship, both paternal and creative. “The sound you have in your head and the sound that comes out of you are often two different things. Getting that dissonance to line up, that’s the biggest challenge. Producing music that is in harmony with itself, that’s the definition of good music for me. And that’s not about quality, it’s about the ‘vibe’.” His debut album Roboto deciphers itself as a musical melting pot of ambient, synth-pop, wave, herbaceous IDM and acid. Known for projects such as Wolfman, which Repetto has been pursuing with Katerina Stoykova since 2013, Roboto is the musician’s first album that breathes the ambivalent spirit of his musical relationship with the techno scene.