eckart waage

lives in Herne. Until 1990 musician, lyricist in various musical formations. Record release “Golden Cities” with The Vorgruppe.

Since 1990 copywriter, speaker, director and producer for several hundred audio productions for radio, podcasts, video films, TV films, audio descriptions and radio plays.

Artistic participation as speaker / musician: CD Klangräume 1991.

As a musician performance “Mecanique Mon Amour” 1993.

Participation in radio play: “Alice” (SFB 1998), children’s radio play “Die Kopflose Geisterleiche”, “Vom Aufstand des Ohrs”, “Der dritte Hammerschlag” (WDR 2006).

Editing and media production of the artistic-communicative media platform until 2015.

Organization of the series “Ambitious Concerts” in the Flottmannhallen Herne (until 2015). 2017, 2018 and 2021 organization of the BLAUES RAUSCHEN festival in various cities in the Ruhr area.

eckart waage

Photo © Oliver Lutz