thursday | september 30th, 2021


Künstlerhaus, Sunderweg 1
44147 DOrtmund

exploring borders

The evenings in the basement of the Dortmunder Künstlerhaus are legendary: intermedial and experimental music projects have characterised this unique series for many years. Together with curator Achim Zepezauer, it is planned to present a festival evening full of constrast, in which the boundaries between sound, listening, performance, music and material are consciously crossed. Miki Yui takes us into her solar-powered art laboratory and brings nature and technology into dialogue. Liz Alibi transcends the boundaries of pure physics of the valve technology of her trumpet with the help of electronic and digital self-constructed extensions. And Wei Kang Beh creates an intermedial energy flow of image and sound in his audiovisual project by displacing a graphically animated object.