sunday | october 3rd, 2021

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galerie gublia

Kreuzeskirchstraße 3
45127 Essen

algorithmic composition & distribution

The snail has awakened. In recent months, we have experienced an almost unexpected frenzy – in terms of the importance and use of digital ways and means – to work, to communicate and, not least, to distribute. In the fields of art and music, the latter repeatedly raises the question of meaning. Is a concert still a live experience if the performers play a “ghost show” to the camera in front of an empty audience? Can the home screen and a surround system at room volume create the aura of a live club or open air performance?

Our culture-starved audience apparently accepts free dramatic streams and virtual museum tours as a passing trend for the moment; whether the artists thereby devalue their work or even expose themselves to the suspicion of vain self-dramatisation is the other side of a rotating coin.

With lectures by Enrique Tomás and Balázs Kovács, BLAUES RAUSCHEN aims to draw attention to the extent to which and how technical developments and artistic options can be conditioned, influenced and used alternatively. From the perspectives offered, distribution and participation ideas will be examined that can bring artists and audiences closer together despite their physical distance.

Forest & Sound
Blaues Rauschen has also invited 10 artists from the fields of ars acustica, sound art or sound collage to submit 5-minute works on the theme of “Forest and Sound”. These will be presented in the course of the event.