sunday | october 3rd, 2021

Ticket contingent increased. Few remaining seats available.

casa / box schauspiel essen

Theaterplatz 7
45127 Essen


Technical developments expand the possibilities of artistic production. Not only are visual and auditory habits being modified, but interaction between artists and audiences is also reaching a new level, for example through digital apps. Three live performances and a sound installation at Schauspielhaus Essen, “die Casa”, examine how we control ourselves and our technical environment with our behaviour.

Claudia Robles-Angel guides us through an audiovisual environment of emotional and physiological parameters and lets us participate in irritation, excitement and calming.
The trio die ANGEL uses technology in order to question it, challenges the doctrine and technique of music making. Instruments are “abused”; feedback here is not only a sound phenomenon but also an interactive moment between the three artists.
Jasmine Guffond urges caution and the maintainance of control over our communication and information. Increasingly intrusive control options extend from the surveillance of our movements to the manipulation of our desires and needs for satisfaction. And in the interactive installation “SoundVision” by Max Schweder, we ourselves become part of a virtual image. Our movements are transmitted by camera into a virtual environment – can we free ourselves from this media entanglement at any time we wish?