friday | october 1st, 2021


Viehofer Platz 19
45127 Essen

dichotomy – nature / culture

The view of progressive ecological destruction and, not least, climate change shatters our understanding of what is natural and what has been artificially created. How meaningful is our impact in the face of these questions? Nature is being reshaped, brought into civilised structures and fundamentally questioned in its composition. For whose benefit?

Echo Ho, Bellchild and Ozan Tekin incorporate naturally occurring and arbitrary sounds and sound sequences into compositions and fuse them with synthetically generated sounds. In a encounter between cultural tradition and technical curiosity, Echo Ho develops an interaction between Chinese folklore and mushroom cultures in her bioscientific sound laboratory. Bellchild and Ozan Tekin, on the other hand, transform the sound of the city into loops, patterns and grooves – for one the source is the urban soundscapes between the Ruhr and the Emscher, the other takes his inspiration from the Moloch city, Istanbul.