Zlatko Baracskai

Zlatko Baracskai, is a lecturer, musician and interaction designer.

Developing musical instruments and interactive systems is an early passion of Zlatko's. Initially he used electronics in creating experimental sound sources to soon start focusing on cumputer mediated music production. His software development evolves around SuperCollider and Max/MSP programming languages. Hardware design involves developing sensor interfaces and signal converters which were explored in his undergraduate studies. The music is largely made utilising audio processing and sound synthesis techniques to also include complex mapping and gesture following algorithms. Zlatko actively develops, employs and lectures on these techniques. The primary subject taught, evolving around these topics is the 'Interactive Music Systems UG3' at the Birmingham City University, taught to Music Technology BsC students. His developments are mainly project specific but are kept open-source for public use. Projects include sound installations, instrument design and music production comissions.


Zlatko Baracskai has been teaching sound synthesis and processing for about ten years now. His performance is based on error seeking in analogue electronic circuits. It is beyond thoughtful design where he finds immediate physicality through his instrument. The connoisseurship of electronic sounds guides this improvisation based around complex feedback patches using a modular synth. This music has no underlying sequence, no pitch structures and no layers – practically nothing that music is built of at the level that composers conceive of it. Instead pulsation, resonance and chaos occur through abuse of filters and non-linearities to produce that which cannot be predicted. Akin to a no-input mixer setup this performance uses only basic tools with almost no sound generators as the chaotic behaviour of the circuits arises through recirculation and tuning to the points of bifurcation. This makes the music erratic, confusing, subversive and sexy. It is the pure sound of electrons going mad.

Thursday | OCTober 12th, 2017 | 20:30

Goethebunker, Essen