Workshop »dis.GUI.sed«/ RaumZeitPiraten

In October 2017 the music festival »Blaues Rauschen« will take place in the Flottmann-Hallen Herne. The start is a workshop with young people on Friday 6th October.

It is planned as a multi-hour workshop in which the participants, accompanied by a sound artist and a light artist, will construct and "play" interactive sound-light installations in the Flottmannshallen. After a break in the afternoon, the content will be presented to the parents and the festival publisher during an installation / performance in the evening.

Topic and idea:
For the most part, almost every teenager carries a smartphone with creative possibilities: an audio and video recording device, mobile screen and loudspeaker, networked data storage and gateway to the media archives of the Internet.

Content and objectives:
Participants should be encouraged to enter into a creative game with the means at their disposal: Your smartphone has more potential than a few years ago professional users were available.

In the first place is the search for own content and the creative alienation and editing of existing material. The mediation (possibly) missing technical skills is a companion product

At the same time, a critical examination of the problems of constant surveillance and spying, hidden behind the colorful surface ("GUI"), is launched.

The participants produce their own material and present it in the form of sound and light installations, which move in the tension between creative freedom and the glass consumer.