"Cosmopolitical Noise gets crashed in the ground and out of the burning ash implodes VETTER_HUBER which abstracts regularities smashing around your mind and ears."

VETTER_HUBER compresses their unique artistic cosmos by (musically) examining industrial-techno and staged self-performance. At the crossover point (threshhold) to sound art, based on algorithmic programming code – no synth, no sequencer, technology is subverted as an instrument of inversion. On a performative level a disposition takes place that reminds us of new wave and punk without copying or quoting it as a truism. Detachment from the world elevates itself not as a negative counter strategy but as a celebration of excess- a metaphor for human ruptures where surreal spaces unveil themselves.


Photo © Robert Maybach
Thursday | OCTober 11th, 2018 | 21:15

Goethebunker Essen