The idea


2018 marks a turning point for the Ruhr region. With the end of hard coal mining and the closure of the Prosper-Haniel colliery in Bottrop, an era of economic prosperity and the personal identification of working people with their occupations ends. Although the end is not surprising, it nevertheless means a new and strongly felt change for the citizens and responsible persons in politics, administration and economy.

Structural change has long been a constant process - the region remains a laboratory. The projects range from coping with the consequences of mining, the handling of an agglomeration with problems of climate change, to the development of future viability through digitization. The associated tasks are all strongly influenced by technical developments and their processing requires constant human understanding and participation. The transformation from the exploitation of nature and the appropriation of landscape through industrialization to mediatization, digitization and virtuality raises questions about the shaping of the future.

BLAUES RAUSCHEN takes a look at how artists react to such social upheavals, how they thematise the future and the future and process them with the means of analogue and digital art production.

The invited artists, artists and formations approach these questions from very different positions and styles. In concerts, installations and performances, they provide festival guests with opportunities for critical reflection and challenge them to engage with future perspectives.

2018 - Artistic positions and perspectives between analogue, digital and postdigital