The idea

“Blaues Rauschen” (blue noise) primarily is a thematic fusion of concerts and performances. Experimental, international, audacious, and independent shows will be presented by a range of radically unconventional young and established artists from the region’s music and culture scene, alongside European and international participants. The presentation will concentrate on contributions from a broad spectrum of Electronic Music, New Music, Sound Art, Avantgarde Jazz, Noise, Postrock, Groove, House and Performance. The stage is set inter-urban, mobile and flexible – meant as a cooperative festival of several stations in the Ruhrgebiet.

Starting in October 2017 the festival will take up questions of advantages and disadvantages of ubiquitous digital media technology. One of the main topics will be the dynamism of transformation created by technical development and its significance for artistic processes and results.

How does technology change our creative action and „being“ in the world?

Never before in human history new technologies have developed in such a rapid series of constantly narrowing cycles where new skills have to be learnt only to become outdated and disappear into insignificance. Now we are faced with a generation that will have to repeatedly deal with new and changing social, organisational and aesthetic framework conditions primarily created by media technology. This cycle of innovations is making “traditional” knowledge ever more speedily obsolete. Hence it is becoming more and more difficult to share a common experiential world.

Within the independent scene the relationship between „analogue“ and „digital“ occupies a wide space. The information, importance and frictions of transformation are made a subject of discussion there. The festival is contributing to visualization of such artistic processes and is meant to be a platform of getting together, sharing impulses and of reflective self-perception regarding artistic creation inmidst the age of digitalization.

The festival artists and groups will approach the theme from hugely differing perspectives and styles. And in their concerts and performances they will provide their audience a chance for critical reflection and analysys

The festival will especially be attempting to address young people and try to encourage visibility and social debate of subjects like “arts, performance and digital aspects” by meshing of everyday life of people from different generations with artistic reflection.

To achieve this we will provide the workshop “dis.GUI.sed” (GUI = Graphic User Interface) where we will deal with smartphones as companions in our lives that we now take for granted. It is our communicative bridge to the world and gives us a technical opening to independent creative activities in a seemingly easy and playful manner.

Discovering given and hidden possibilities (“circuit bending/device hacking”) leads participants into seemingly closed worlds and gives rise to a critical distance from the digital part of our personalities.

Subsequent to this and on the following days of the festival the invited international artists will present their individual attitude towards exploration, transformation and use of technical opportunities by the means of art and will broaden our perspective on interaction with technology, knowledge and ordinariness.

„Blaues Rauschen“ will take place on five days and wants to be understood as a connecting element inmidst the polycentric urban region known as the Ruhrgebiet. Similar to the former festival „open systems“ in Essen, Bochum, Dortmund and Herne the organizers want to enhance networking and cooperation of the local cultural scene in 2017 and beyond. Involving several cities as stations of the festival is an important signal for the persisting intention of interregional cultural politics.