Ryoko Akama


Ryoko Akama - Failure and clanking, the Domino effect sends greetings. In her experimental sound sculptures, the Japanese artist deliberately allows coincidence. Her installation performance "strum ström" uses sound, movement and everyday objects. In doing so, it incorporates the space in such a way that even the smallest details of surfaces and structures become relevant. It investigates the substance and fragility of objects and the effects of gravity, wind and magnetic forces on different objects. Deployed and exposed to previously unknown cause-and-effect principles, they become part of a special dialogue. She deliberately allows her Failed Experiments to be the failure of technology. Her mechanical object installations initially show the direction of the imaginary function, but sometimes fail during the process even in such a way that the apparatus thereby automatically destroys itself. The resulting sounds she brings to life with record players and acoustic amplification.


Photo © Filmlove BSZ
Saturday | OCTober 13th, 2018 | From 20:00

Evinger Schloss Dortmund