The open systems e.V. association aims at promoting contemporary music and art. This is done in particular by organizing and conducting festivals, concert series and symposia. The events intend to stimulate cross-community cooperation between the different scenes not only in the Ruhr area, but also on an international level. With the BLAUES RAUSCHEN festival, open systems e.V. is keen to further strengthen the local cultural scene. It is intended to help artists to network and to expand their existing co-operation. The individual events of the festival take place in different places in the Ruhr area. Thus, open systems e.V. is an important sign of the continuing will of a supraregional cultural policy. The initiators Karl-Heinz Blomann and Eckart Waage continue to make numerous contributions to the "Ambitious Concerts" series (Flottmann-Hallen Herne) as well as to festivals such as "open systems" or projects such as "Upgrade" or "Pre-visions" Internationally acclaimed. The idea: cross-cutting music and performance projects in the tension between electronic music, contemporary composition and improvised sounds.

Karl-Heinz Blomann lives and works in the Ruhr area and in Berlin. He is a composer, saxophonist and media producer. He realizes his own media art projects with regional and international partners. As the leading member in the board of directors of open systems e.V., he is the artistic director of the festival series open systems, upgrade and pre-visions.

Eckart Waage also lives and works in the Ruhr area. His musical roots can be found in experimaental popmusic, where he used to be songwriter and vocalist in the avantgarde band "vorgruppe". He is co-owner of the publishing and concert agency AufRuhr Records and organizes various event and concert formats. At open systems e.V., Eckart Waage is responsible for planning and public relations.