Sunday | OCTober 14th, 2018 | 20:00
Anneliese Brost Musikforum Ruhr, Marienplatz 1
44787 Bochum

20:00 Perforator (NL)
20:45 Stefan Tiefengraber (A)
21:30 Amnesia Scanner (FIN)

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PERFORATOR - A classically trained oboist at the joystick. And an electric guitarist who already generates feedback before even touching the instrument. Marlies van Gangelen and Akim Moiseenkov combine pop structures, lamentations and counterpoint to contemporary electronic music. With self-built synthesizers and motion sensors, they step out of the routine of using their instruments. Here a bizarre, bizarre, new musical language is being developed.
STEFAN TIEFENGRABER - "WM_A28 TCM_200DV BK26, a noise performance in black and white. Imminent danger ? Audio and video are created by shorts that the artist creates with his wet fingers on open electronic devices In addition, short circuits of modified solenoids to the traditional instrument Jings (Korean This creates the typical sound of this instrument and closes the circuit for a short time.The resistance of the skin and the conductivity of the human body in combination with the components of the circuits change the sound.
AMNESIA SCANNER - Hyperreal percussion sounds are condensed into an epic-sounding sound surface: with a new album, the two unnamed musicians come to the Ruhr area. The headliners of numerous international festivals combine sounds of epic aesthetics with the cryptic reality of digital networks and seemingly bizarre video sequences. Her futuristic electronic dance music again provides clues as to what and what we will hear in the future. Amnesia scanners continue their ongoing exploration of "xperienz design" using stage technology. They transform the stage into a distilled, highly concentrated version of the present: a "new normal state".