Saturday | OCTober 13th, 2018 | 20:00
Archiv für populäre Musik im Ruhrgebiet e.V., Evinger Schloss,
Nollendorfplatz 2
44339 Dortmund

Room 112:
From 20:00 Ryoko Akama (JPN)

Live/Large chamber:
21:15 Jan Jelinek) (D)

Ticket: 15,-€ | reduced: 11,-€ | Ticket Shop
RYOKO AKAMA - Failure and clanking, the domino effect sends greetings. In her Failed Experiments, the Japanese artist consciously allows the failure of the technique. Their mechanical object installations initially show the direction of the imaginary function, but sometimes fail during the process even in such a way that the apparatus thereby automatically destroys itself. What corresponds to the result of her intention, however, are the resulting sounds, which she brings to life with pickups and acoustic amplification.
MARKO CICILIANI // BARBARA LÜNEBURG - a "gamified audiovisual performance", that's "Kilgore". Designed as a computer game environment in which artists interact live with various elements that create sounds. Here is not only music to hear, here is a 3D animation visual starting point of the action. Predefined missions that must be accomplished by the "players" lead to a musical form that varies in detail with each performance, but remains consistent in its general direction. The entire environment serves as a dynamic score and advanced instrument design.
URSULA BOGNER - numerous stories full of conjectures surround the Dortmund artist. Born in 1946, she moved to West Berlin at the age of 19 to study pharmacy there. Privately she developed a strong interest in musique concrète and electronically produced music and followed the activities of the studio for electronic music in Cologne. From the late 1960s, she began producing her own pieces of music, which she recorded on tape. She is said to have died in Berlin in 1994. Lucrecia Dalt and Jan Jelinek bring the musical heritage of Ursula Bogner in three acts on the stage.