Friday | OCTober 12th, 2018 | From 19:00
Flottmann-Hallen, Flottmannstr. 94
44625 Herne

Workshop "Blaues Rauschen // Wasser in the town" w. Tina Tonagel
19:00: Workshop results & Improvisation
Free entrance

In the accompanying sound art workshop, the media artist and musician Tina Tonagel, together with young people from Herne and Gelsenkirchen, will find and explore everyday and special sound situations around the topic of "water in the city" and record them using conventional smartphones.

The resulting field recording results serve as the basis for short compositions and a series of multimedia installations. This imaginative approach to the subject and technology allows the audience to gain new sensory experiences and an artistic-reflective approach to an everyday topic as part of a live performance.

Ticket: 15,-€ | reduced: 11,-€ | Ticket Shop

JENNY OCAMPO // ERIC WONG „S - an encounter with time and silence“. The Colombian choreographer and dancer Jenny Ocampo and the American guitarist Eric Wong deepen their research of time and silence in order to expand their sound and movement. "S" is a space that needs to be filled in, a nothing from which everything can emerge. Body and sound manifest their presence and absence; Emotions become an infinite space of memories.



GRAHAM DUNNING - continues what Sonic Robots showed live at the premiere of BLAUES RAUSCHEN 2017. The British experimentalist brings "Mechanical Techno" on stage. Noises, sounds, loops - from recurring rhythm and melody fragments Dunning layers up his sounds. His instrument: modified turntables. His installation is supplemented by several cameras in different parts of the setup to show close-ups of the mechanisms at work. "Mixed live" simultaneously with creating the music, the visuals are both demonstration aid and psychedelic light show.



LES TRUCS - a two-headed circus enters the ring and turns the audience into a twitching crowd. Musicians and sound-producing equipment become a symbiotic creature of buttons, knobs, and limbs, so that ultimately it is no longer clear who operates or controls whom. Human / machine revisited. Her workplace is full of electrical and electronic instruments that connect her in such a way that new sounding bodies emerge. Her art is uninhibitedly leaping between pop and performance art. Charlotte Simon and Zink Tonsur sound like a mixture of The Antwoord and The Golden Lemons - or like a R'n'B version by Klaus Nomi and Wendy Carlos.



LORENZO SENNI - No one sounds like Senni. Stumbling arpeggios and surround loops break through the laser thunderstorm, with the fall speed of a "Top Thrill Dragster" driving the pulse on the floor into chaos. The Milanese chops, cuts and mixes his personal favorite snacks of the much-maligned "techno" genre. Driven by a constant urge to experiment, he fiddles around at the seams of various dance genres until he has extracted their spine and she swings wildly around his head. His consistent deconstruction of the sound and rave culture in the 90s, the careful analysis of its components and its reuse in a new context, with repetition and isolation as key concepts, he calls "Pointillist Trance" or "Rave Voyeurism". So far four albums and a handful of excellent singles / EPs, among others on his own label Presto! ™ are the result worth hearing. Abstract, but absolutely danceable through cleverly triggered chain reactions.