Thursday | OCTober 11th, 2018 | 20:00
Goethebunker, Goethestr. 67
45130 Essen

20:00 Mariska de Groot (NL)
20:30 Kai Niggemann (D)
22:30 Blaue Rausch-Nacht // DJ

Ticket: 15,-€ | reduced: 11,-€ | Ticket Shop

MARISKA DE GROOT - belongs to the dutch artist collective iii. Her "Nibiru" is an audiovisual performance instrument constructed from simple but unstable handmade pendulum oscillators. The pendulums are activated by rhythmic body movements that scratch complex patterns in black-chalked glass. The resulting noise of instability and resistance are amplified, the permanently changing projected geometric line image is scanned by light-sensitive sensors and converted into sound patterns.


KAI NIGGEMANN - Niggemann is one of the leading artists who improvise live with the rare synthesizer model Buchla 200e Electric Music Box. Synthetic sound generation meets potentiometers and patch cables - Sound production and changes are caused by manual intervention, the sound processing is visible "craft". Born in Bochum, he creates timbres, melodies and rhythmic structures that are far removed from diatonic and four-to-the-floor on his current album HEART MURMUR. Often set up with his back to the audience, he gives an insight over the shoulder as this music arises.


VETTER_HUBER - No synths, no sequencers: Vetter_Huber's computer modules and microphone deliver a stirring industrial-techno performance. At the interface to sound art, based on algorithmic programming codes, technology is subversively used as a tool for change. The duo creates its own sound cosmos, a surreal space in which the artists turn their backs on the real world. The performative level is reminiscent of punk and new wave in its excessive dynamics, without copying or reciting it as a platitude.