Wednesday | OCTober 10th, 2018 | 19:00
Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen, Horster Str. 5
45897 Gelsenkirchen - Buer

19:00 Opening

Festival opening: Welcome by Annette Berg (Cultural Affairs Officer Gelsenkirchen), Leane Schäfer (Director Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen) and the organizers (open systems).

19:30 BLOORT (D)
20:30 Homewreckers (D)

Chillout in the museum café "PIRANDELLO"
21:15 DJ Guy Dermossessian

Free entrance
Limited ticket contingent
Ticket reservation requested in the Ticket Shop

- buzzing basses from the "seventh sole", a miners' choir rehearsing a musical turmoil, a Babylonian linguistic maze conceals the TV news: the duo of Karl-Heinz Blomann and Richard Ortmann addresses the change with the current live version of its project "Reflect your Future" from materiality to virtuality. This manifests itself in the media world as a change of the analogue to the digital and in daily life and the working world of the Ruhr area as a transformation from the hard coal mining to the so-called "Creative Industries". The artists make these parallel developments subject of their performance. They relate the change from analogue to virtual sounds to historical markers of coal mining and use tape recorders, saxophon, bass clarinet, synthesizers and samplers to process tones and quotations from the Ruhr region as well as those from the mining regions of England, Poland and Belgium.



HOMEWRECKERS - „Machinekiss": Clinking microparticles of guitar chords, broad organ sounds or twitching drum elements - trace elements of old blues recordings appear in the tracks in new contexts and merge with contemporary synthesizer and bass motifs.The three-member producer team from the Ruhr area and Berlin belongs to the contemporary type of music artist who create new works by quoting, linking and alienating electronically stored sounds, the results are deep, rhythmic, complex and eccentric, taking the listener into the darker, more obscure aspects of urban life.