Namia Leigh

Namia Leigh was born 1982 in Seoul, Korea. She studied architecture in Seoul and later Art in Context at Berlin University of Arts (UDK), currently takes M.A study subject with SPACE STRATEGY at Art School of Berlin. She exhibited her works in Berlin and Potsdam (Germany), Valencia (Spain), Sarajevo (BnH), and Oslo (Norway).


Project Description

Vertō i & ii (2016) is a silent dialog corresponding with each other through dissimilar visual languages: 'Light and Drawing.' In frame of ‘Variation in Disco', Leigh reinterpreted Disco music as unsounded light music played from a flatted mirror ball shaped vinyl and composed the music using Moderato tempo, which most disco songs have, and earth frequency (7.83hz) that are converted to light pulses.

Verto.2 is another form of translation of music contains Walter Benjamin's full essay titled 'Die Aufgabes des Übersetzers (English title: The Task of the Translator)', from which she got inspirations, rewritten by her hand.


Saturday | OCTober 14th, 2017 | from 20:00

Schloss Eving, Dortmund