Karl-Heinz Mauermann

Karl-Heinz Mauermann works conceptually. He develops order systems for a chaotic world, using visual arts and their boundaries to literature and music. The media he uses range from drawing to collage, computer graphics, room installation, video and performances. Since 2003 he has been cooperating with musicians regularly.



Electric beetles run, flutter, touch an electric guitar. They stagger, pushing against the strings. Play. Create sounds. These are manipulated electronically - alienated. The sound of the beetles controls a video projection. The audience intervenes in the picture through its movement. The room is made a stage.



1987 - special prize of the Max Ernst scholarship
The city of Brühl for the tape:

2006 - PHONURGIA / Radio Art section,
Sound is art))),
'Machines - a radio play' by khmfn



Individual exhibition, Städt. museum
Gelsenkirchen (cat)

1993 - 'labirinto cibernetico', exhibition participation,
Computer art in the FRG,
Goethe Institute, Buenos Aires

1994 - 'Automatic machines and semi-automatic machines', individual exhibition,
New dance, Marstallschloss Benrath, Düsseldorf

1996 - 'Everyone: Pavane', choreography for the
Museum of Art and Cultural History,
Dortmund, the Petrikirche, Dortmund, and
The Dortmund city center (cat)

1996 - 2000 - Pictures in the courtyard of a former butcher shop,
Annual conception of an exhibition:
'Slaughter dismay' translation -
Decomposition into single images',
'What does our sausage kitchen look like?',
'Still slaughter', 'High live the noble
Craft of the butcher! '
(The latter in cooperation
with the Museum Folkwang, Essen)

From 2003 - Machine room, sound / video-
Performance with Frank Niehusmann
et al In: University of Leeds, GB; University of
Middlesex, London, GB;
Metropolitan University, London, GB;
State College of Music and Music
Performing Arts Stuttgart; 'magnificent
7th - profile intermedia ', University of Bremen

2005 - 'Attention! Future ', video to LaptopConcert
By Frank Niehusmann,
World premiere April 2005 in Osaka, Japan,
Further performances in Tokyo, Japan,
As well as within the framework of the German cultural program
The world exhibition In Aichi, Japan.

2007 - 'khmfn: machinery room', sound / video-
Performance with Frank Niehusmann,
Cimatics7 \ AV \ Festival, Brussels, B

2008 - 'khmfn: [space time machine]'
A symphonic-visual maneuver with
Frank Niehusmann, Lichtburg, Essen

2010 - 'khmfn: [space time machine]',
A symphonic-visual maneuver
With Frank Niehusmann, 'Extraschicht 2010',
Gasometer Oberhausen
- khm + sound chamber, 'nose cut off!',
Videofilm live musically underpainted by
bassist Christoph Kammer and live comments from the author himself,
World premiere at Kunsthaus Essen

2012 - 'non hortu in paradiso', khm & zaja, sound /
Video performance with Markus Emanuel
Zaja, St. Engelbert, ChorForum Essen

2013 - 'The Flight Pioneers', Videofilm + Performance,
Premiere, with Christoph Kammer,
Lichtburg, Essen and Kunsthaus Essen

2014 - 'The calculation of a curve
With the help of leg musculature,
LiveVideo in a dance theater,
FolkwangLab, University of the Arts,

2015 - 'Neobiota',
Installation in a luggage locker,
- exhibition, KunstCentret Silkeborg, DK
- Exhibition, Künstlerdorf Schöppingen

2016 - 'slow changeover fields',
Video / sound performance with Florian Walter,
- Chamber music hall, Schloss Borbeck, Essen
- Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg
- 'nano bugs concert',
Installation in the festival nano # two, food
- ‚Das Schsmperl und das Mauermännchen'
Metaperformance miniatures,
Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg

2017 - 'Hirnfick - Like thoughts
Come into the head ',
Video / audio performance
With Christoph Kammer,
- Kunsthaus Essen
- Lichtburg, Essen

Thursday | OCTober 12th, 2017 | from 20:00

Goethebunker, Essen