Jan Jelinek


Jan Jelinek is a German producer of electronic music. Since 2008 he also runs the record label Faitiche.

After studying philosophy and sociology, he turned to electronic music since moving to Berlin in 1995. His music is largely based on samples, but their sources are not always readily apparent through digital sound processing. Nonetheless, in some cases he refers to his sources and influences with the titles of his CDs. This applies to "Loop Finding Jazz Records" and "Cosmic Pitch".

Jelinek also publishes under the pseudonyms FARBEN (since 1998) and GRAMM. As FARBEN, based on soul samples, he focuses more on dub and electronic dance music. As GRAMM he tries to find a compromise between "audible" minimal electronics and "danceable" music. The music magazine Intro called this "additive second music". Jelinek's work can hardly be conceptualized. Most likely it can be characterized as a mix of Clicks & Cuts, Electronica, Intelligent Dance Music, Glitch and Microsound.

Photo © Takehito Goto
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