The Homewreckers are a trio from the Ruhr valley. They have released on Thee Blak Label/Radikal Fear (Chicago), Groove Attack Productions (Cologne), Unique Records (Dusseldorf) and Circus Company (Paris) among others. Their sound is mostly built out of trace elements of sampled material. These are then used to create compositions in dialogue with live studio sessions (organ, drums, bass, voice) as well as digital post production. As the sole sonic sources, the musicians – Johannes, Gregor and Krischan – use their own music collections, making the work a reflection of their personal and collaborative history and backgrounds.

The new Homewreckers album, titled Machinekiss and due out in February 2017 on Kalakuta Soul Records, has evolved out of a months-long, in-depth investigation of blues recordings from 1910 to 1980. Micro particles of guitar chords, organ sounds or drum elements reappear in new contexts in the tracks and are fused with contemporary synthesizer and bass motifs. The results are deep, rhythmic, complex and eccentric, leading the listener into the darker, more obscure sides of urban life.


Photo © Homewreckers
Wednesday | OCTober 10th, 2018 | 21:00

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