Demdike Stare

Demdike Stare (DDS) is the band name of the musicians duo Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker. The project, which has released albums and EPs in the genres Dark Ambient, Dub-Techno and electronic music, is based in Manchester.

The DJ and operator of the retro label Finders Keepers, Sean Canty, and the music producer Miles Whittaker were already well-known in the younger music scene of Manchester when they founded their ever-lasting project Demdike Stare in 2009 and published their first album Symbiosis the same year. From the very beginning they worked closely with the local inependent label Modern Love Records. They chose the name Demdike Stare as a sarcastic credit to Elizabeth Southern, called Mother Demdike, the leader of the "Pendle Witches" from Lancastershire. They composed scores for historical horrormovies, which were occasionally also performed live. The Getty Foundation in Los Angeles booked DDS in September 2016 as a performance act for the London Calling show: Bacon, Freud, Kossoff, Andrews, Auerbach, and Kitaj.

In 2015, they performed live gigs in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Graz, at the Now Music Festival in Mannheim and the Berghain in Berlin. And in 2016 they had performances in Paris, London, Krakow, Austin, San Francisco, Barcelona, ​​North Carolina, Russia and the Czech Republic. Numerous pieces of music from Demdike Stare are available on YouTube, uploaded not by themselves but by different participants.

Their album Wonderland, released in 2016, for the first time offers danceable, even "sombre dancefloor tracks".

Sunday | OCTober 8th, 2017 | 19:50

Flottmann-Hallen, Herne