Club Bleu

CLUBbleu is Felix Leuschner and Julia Mihály. Felix is a classically trained drummer and composer with the main focus on music theatre pieces, as well as chamber music and vocal pieces in connection to live-electronics. Strong influences by visual arts and architecture mark essential components in his compositions. As part of CLUBbleu, Felix plays e-drums connected to Max /MSP, using the instrument as a giant controller for real time sound synthesis. Julia is a composer-performer. She studied classical singing and electronic composition. The crossover of different music styles, such as contemporary vocal music, old school computer game music, trashy pop music tunes and electro-acoustic music, is probably the most outstanding feature of her compositions and performances. Within CLUBbleu, Julia plays analogue synths, game controllers and toy instruments connected to Max /MSP.

Next to their activities in the field of electroacoustic compositions, the redefinition of interactive electronic chamber music in connection to elaborate forms of musical scores represents the central topic of CLUBbleu ’s artistic approach. Further CLUBbleu research on different methods of sound synthesis and develop their own audio software. For their audio-visual live shows CLUBbleu collaborate regularly with different visual artists.

In the past three years CLUBbleu mainly focused on their field recording -project „DARK ENERGY“, a series of city portraits, dealing with different sonic characteristics of urban environments according to architectual developments, social structures and the cultural background of a city.


Saturday | OCTober 7th, 2017 | 19:30

Flottmann-Hallen, Herne