Reflect Your Future

The performance of Karl-Heinz Blomann and Richard Ortmann addresses the change from materiality to virtuality. This manifests itself in the world of image and sound as a replacement of the analogue to the digital and in the Ruhr region as a transformation of coal mining to the so-called creative industries.

The artists make these parallel developments the subject of their performance. They relate the replacement of analog sounds to virtual sounds to historical coal mining markers in the Ruhr area and take the acoustic testimonials and materials from the history of Ruhr mining to make the past and future of analogue and digitality audible.

With original sounds and contemporary o-tones from various archives Blomann and Ortmann create in their performance by electronic sound transformation live a musical-acoustic / acousmatic stream into the virtual world - a journey into the supposed / open future.

In the current continuation, the political area of significance will be extended by three states from the European Coal Mining Region: England, Belgium and Poland.

Therefore, Karl-Heinz Blomann and Richard Ortmann complete "Reflect Your Future"  with external compositional contributions and archive recordings in cooperation with Alan Dunn/Paul Ratcliff (Leeds), Paweł Kania (Katowice) and Anne Lepere (Charleroi).


Bios / Vitae:

Karl-Heinz Blomann

lives in Essen u. Berlin. Musician, composer and producer for New, Experimental and Film Music. 1983 Foundation of music publisher "AufRuhr Records". Publications with different artists. Touring "PÖHL MUSIK" through South America, Europe, Next Wave Festival New York 1989. Numerous radio drama productions, theater and film scores. DGB Culture Award for "Sound Sculptures". Works in different contexts with ever new concepts on topics such as art and technology, man and machine and urban sound spaces.

Artistic director "festival-open-systems" 1997-2005 ( Projects (selection): CD "Klangräume" 1991, "Mécanique Mon Amour" 1993, book "Listen to a Neglected Art" with CD "Vom Aufstand des Ohrs" 1996, CD-ROM "Aspects of Law and Order" 1997. World Premiere "Chase "2000. Television music for ZDF and arte ( "Without words" WDR 3 Studio Acoustic Art. "Gone-urban flashback" 2003, "headlines" 2004, ">> salon moz :: ART <<" 2004, "Two Soldiers" 2004, The Third Hammer Beat "WDR 3 Studio Acoustic Art 2006. EBU Project - Art's Birthday: Composition and performance "Sometimes Pumpstation", 2007, (worldwide satellite broadcast) and the project "upgrade" 2006, 2008 a. 2010 ( together with Richard Ortmann. Development of the media archive ( since 2005. The project "FlussKlang: RiverSound" 2008 and 2010 ( Current project "Reflect Your Future" together with Richard Ortmann 2018. Artistic Direction Festival "Blaue Rauschen" together with Eckart Waage 2018.


Richard Ortmann

lives in Dortmund. Since the beginning of the 1980s, Richard Ortmann has been documenting the Klanglandschaft Ruhrgebiet as a crossover between improvised music and new music. Based on this archival material, numerous auditory works were created in the context of the Acoustics and the like. in the series "Metropolis" with "Once Herne and back. Klanglandschaft Ruhrgebiet ", Editor: Klaus Schöning, thus also represented on the compilation" River Run "; 1st prize in the history competition of the "Forum Geschichtekultur" in the audio section; numerous sound installations in the permanent exhibitions of the Ruhr Museum, from the Ruhr Museum, DASA, the LWL˗Industriemuseen to "Gerhard Mercator ˗ Treasures of Cosmography" in the Cultural and City History Museum of the City of Duisburg; from 2005 extension of the sound spaces to Upper Silesia ˗ Katowice and Zabze, recordings as documentarist and performances with Polish artists as saxophonist; first "sound bridge" between Katowice and Katernberg to the Extraschicht 2006; EBU Project - Art's Birthday: composition and performance "Sometimes Pumpstation", 2007, (worldwide satellite broadcast) and the project upgrade 2006, 2008 a. 2010 ( together with Karl-Heinz Blomann. Current project "Reflect Your Future" together with Karl-Heinz Blomann 2018. Otherwise, constantly on the move with audiorecorder and saxophone.

Photo © Jonas Porombka
Wednesday | OCTober 10th, 2018 | 20:00

Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen