Amnesia Scanner


Total immersion - The Berlin duo Amnesia Scanner make electronic music that feels both organic and alienatingly futuristic. Even at its most mordant, the sound of AS somehow remains accessible and exciting, uncomfortable music you can dance to.

The goal of the Amnesia Scanner live show is to turn the stage into a living organism. They incessantly pursue this goal and achieve it by using techniques from the theatre, cinema and the technological innovations of nightclubs. They call it Xperienz, and those who have witnessed it talk of a totally enveloping spectacle that has no comparison to anything they have seen before. Much of the prestige they have accumulated in just eighteen months has to do with “AS”, their debut EP and a record full of complex structures, supernatural landscapes and dense sounds, while at the same time remaining dance friendly and enjoyable. So does their recent album „Another Life“with its deconstruction of clubsounds.

Photo © Satoshi Fujiwara
Sunday | OCTober 14th, 2018 | 21:30

Musikzentrum Bochum